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Advantages of a company in Estonia

There are many advantages of a company in Estonia! Starting a company in Estonia is easy and gives you, among other things, an opportunity to be able to invest the profit as Estonia offers 0% corporate tax if the profit remains in the company. If you instead choose to withdraw the profit, it will be taxed at 20%.

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Register company offers ready-made companies / warehouse companies, tailor-made companies, companies with e-residency, branch offices of a foreign company, non-profit organizations.

All services are also available remotely without the need to visit Estonia.


Company documents in English

If you need business documents for your company in Estonia, you can get a certificate of registration, articles of association, share transfer contract, tax residence certificate and much more.

The documents can then be obtained in PDF, certified or with an apostille.


Bookkeeping & Accounting

If you need help with accounting for your company in Estonia, we can help you with, VAT registration, online accounting services, monthly accounting, annual report, payroll, tax refund and annual reports.


Company liquidation

Liquidation of a private limited company is a rather time-consuming process that takes at least six months and requires a local liquidator.

If you no longer need your Estonian company, we can help you wind it up.


Address and contact person

We can help non-residents find a contact person, address and other support services.


Share transfer & register changes

We help with various register changes such as transfer of shares, adding new shareholders, reduction and increase of the share capital, board changes, changes in the right of representation, changes to the articles of association, change of address and change of company name.


Payment solutions and Bank account

We can advise you on various banking-related issues if your risk profile and needs do not fit into the usual banking options.


Residence permit

We provide consultation and assistance regarding work and living in Estonia. There are different ways to work and live in Estonia. We advise on:

– short-term employment registrations
– temporary residence permits for employment
– temporary residence permits for business activities
– permanent residence permits


Remote services

Almost everything you need can be done without visiting Estonia

– business registration
- transfer of the company's shares
– transfer of board membership
– other registry changes and questions

We prepare the necessary documents and a Power of Attorney (POA), which we can later use to represent you in Estonia in administrative matters related to your company.


Crypto companies & licenses

We help and support crypto companies in Estonia and Lithuania.

Licensed Services:
– providers of a service to exchange a virtual currency for a fiat currency
– providers of a virtual currency wallet service

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It's easy to start a business in Estonia and it's easy to get it wrong. We adapt to your starting point depending on the type of business you will be conducting and in which industry.

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Your company in Estonia is ready within 1-5 working days, depending on whether you are visiting Estonia or if you are an E-Resident.


You can start a company via from 465 EUR if you are an E-Resident in Estonia.

Crypto company

Estonia welcomes crypto businesses and we now offer incorporation plus licensing for new crypto businesses.

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